Banking & Finance

Banking & FinanceSpending a year within the perfect financial storm has been an interesting ride for the participating lawyers, as documented in this bumper Special Report.

Leveraged lending was one of the first casualties, swiftly followed by all other lending. Meanwhile, the capital markets were parched and CDO practically turned into a financial pariah. But who better to restructure a burning vehicle than the lawyers who built it?

The sharia markets appeared to many a less giddy antidote to the sky-high financial structures. But, as one of our reports shows, the appetite for sharia is growing not just in the City, one of the traditional gateways to the Islamic financial world.

And then, most recently, derivatives lawyers found themselves in demand to untangle the strings for clients who did not quite know what they had let themselves in for when they signed up with Lehman.
Come rain or shine, finance lawyers will not be going home just yet.

The first report in this Banking & Finance special report concerns the Government’s Special Resolution Regime created for UK banks. The second report examines the sub-participation market in light of the Lehman Brothers collapse.

The third report looks at the “fallacy” of separating commercial and investment banking; and the fourth report researches the availability of credit, post crunch, while the fifth report asks us to consider ‘what else’ if not light-touch regulation?.

The sixth report highlights how non-muslim countries are changing the rules to gain access to Middle East liquidity; the seventh report studies the affect of abolishing the whitewash procedure; and the eighth and final report looks at the importance of managing document risk.

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