Plane failing

Apparently Francesco Gianni, managing partner of top Italian M&A firm Gianni Origoni Grippo & Partners, has been receiving some strange phonecalls lately. People keep calling him up offering to sell him their Which public relations professional at a top 10 firm is supplementing his income by modelling for life-drawing classes?aeroplanes. Is Gianni planning to fly around his growing empire of offices in a private jet? After all, Italy’s finest lawyers are well known for earning as much as its footballers and fashionistas.

Alas, no. The strange calls started after Italian magazine Il Mondo published an article suggesting that Gianni Origoni was planning to lease a plane jointly with top-tier rival Bonelli Erede Pappalardo. The idea was to cut down on the cost of flying their lawyers between Milan and Rome every day.

However, Tulkinghorn has it on good authority that Gianni has no intention of leasing a plane, let alone sharing it with his rival. So please stop calling him about private jets.