Lanky chat

We all hate to be late for a meeting. Normally one will try and sneak in at the back or hope that a gentle “excuse me” will not provoke too much tutting. There are, however, those that prefer the grand entrance.

One would have thought that Allen & Overy‘s IT legend Laurence Jacobs would have preferred a quiet entrance, but at one seminar unfortunately this was not to be.

While Jacobs’ rangy frame might at one time have been of some benefit to his school’s basketball team, it certainly did him no favours when he tried to sneak into the seminar unobstrusively.

It is, of course, much harder to disguise your late entry when you’re one of the speakers, but Jacobs, rather than apologising politely, bashed into the lighting rig, which came crashing down on the unfortunate chairman. Ouch!