Constructive work on CPE

I am writing to you in connection with Chris Fogartys article, Students slam new CPE (The Lawyer, 30 September). This was discussed at the meeting of the CPE Board on Tuesday 7 October and all the board members were concerned at the allegation that the students felt they could not complain about the new course for fear of jeopardising their future.

The board is currently reviewing the operation of the new course at every institution with members of the board and the secretariat paying all-day visits. It is stressed to the course director, in advance, that a vital part of this visit is the time set aside to meet and talk to the students. The students are seen without any member of staff being present and any remarks made are treated in confidence. The feedback we have received in such discussions has been welcomed by the institutions as constructive criticism.

Apart from the review visits, the board is always willing to consider the views of individual students.

The general picture we have received, so far, of the new course is that, although it is undoubtedly a very demanding course, the results have been extremely good and some of the coursework is considered to be of a publishable standard.

Leslie Joseph QC


CPE Board

London EC4