The Godfather of Eversheds

One competition partner at a magic circle firm says he was just about to attempt a conference call about a particularly sensitive merger when, on checking there were no unfriendly ears on walls, he realised he recognised his neighbour. It was none other than former European competition supremo Mario Monti.

As any journalist knows, three incidents form a trend, so Tulkinghorn is looking for one more story – perhaps on a boat, for aesthetics’ sake – to prove that doing any work outside of the office is just not worth the effort.

Music Hall of Fame with a couple of Tulkinghorn’s scribes last week. Tulkinghorn, who is far too mature for such shenanigans, waved goodbye as they jumped into their stretch limo, giggling like a bunch of teenage girls on a hen night.

The esteemed Eversheds host found himself a relative spring chicken among wrinklies such as Led Zeppelin and James Brown, who were collecting awards at the industry bash. And the hacks had their night made when Beyoncé bounced on stage, closely followed by Bon Jovi.

But Gray was the real star of the show. So inspired was he by the proceedings that, as soon as the after-show party kicked off, he dragged one lucky scribe on to the dancefloor for an impressive bit of rug-cutting.

But was it The Beatles that inspired him or the champagne? After consulting his scribes, Tulkinghorn reckons it was perhaps the lusciously leggy lung-buster 19-year-old Joss Stone, who made him feel so young at heart.