Higgs & Sons sets up HR advice group

West Midlands firm Higgs & Sons has set up a dedicated HR service, with Warwickshire County Cricket Club becoming the group’s first client.

The six-lawyer practice covers contracts, employment audits, training and other HR advice for a fixed fee.

Kam Bains, HR consultant at Higgs, said: “The service was set up in response to the increase in employment legislation, such as that covering discrimination, part-time regulations and the [Work and] Families Bill.

“It was set up because it works out cheaper for clients than getting a full-time HR manager. But the amount of new regulation has meant that we’re actually now receiving interest from businesses that do have HR managers.”

Bains said the firm wants around 50 clients to be using the service in the next 12 months and that it was going head-to-head with HR consultancy giants Croner and Peninsula.

“They offer a mass-market product. What we provide is more tailored,” he said.