The German legislator has seen a flurry of activity in recent months and in this Special Report The Lawyer examines the key issues and the practical implications that have arisen.
In August the German General Equal Treatment Act came into force, kickstarting German employers into action, as employees can now claim damages and indemnification as a result of both direct and indirect discrimination.

In October the German government approved the long-awaited draft German Real Estate Investment Trusts (Reit) law, controversially excluding housing portfolios from its ambit.
Meanwhile, last year, Germany was left stunned following the European Court of Justice’s decision to allow, for the first time in Germany, a cross-border merger between a Luxembourg and a German corporation.

The merger was initially refused registration by the commercial register for not conforming to the Transformation Act. As such, the report also examines the practical issues of obtaining registration of a cross-border merger and the forthcoming changes to legislation.