Falconer ups the ante in legal aid battle

There was mass confusion this morning after the Bar Standards Board and the Department for Constitutional Affairs managed to schedule press conferences at the same time.

The clash was finally sorted out with the Government winning, prompting another round of guff from Lord Falconer and cronies – this time on legal aid (see story). (Readers will have to wait until Thursday for news of the Bar Standards Board’s strategy for the next three years.)

Despite the overwhelming outrage from just about everybody, from the City elite to the high street solicitor, Falconer announced that Lord Carter’s proposals for legal aid reform are being implemented pretty much as originally outlined. There are just a few changes to the timetable, and a few tweaks to the fees.

In fact, Falconer went one step further and raised two fingers to the City by simply stating that its concerns are wrong.

The next step looks likely to be widespread strikes as the battle for better legal aid worsens.