Better late and clever

Tulkinghorn likes to think of himself as a renaissance man, attuned to the small pleasures in life.

It warms his heart when evidence of kindred spirits can be found, especially in law firms. So how uplifting to hear of a lawyer that has truly embraced the concept of a ‘work-life balance’ and has had it signed into his contract.

News reaches Tulkinghorn from Lisbon – where admittedly leisure time is taken more seriously than on these fair shores – that a choice lateral hire was lured to Miranda Correia Amendoeira & Associados by flexitime. The lawyer explained to his prospective employer that he couldn’t possibly start work before noon (a predilection Tulkinghorn is all too familiar with), but had no problem staying in the office until midnight (something Tulkinghorn is not so fond of).

Miranda Correia unquestioningly accepted this quirk of their star hire, but the recruit in question felt he had to explain that his leisurely starts were not a result of late-night partying (again, something Tulkinghorn does not share this impartiality for). Rather, the lawyer insisted that he needed a good two hours to prepare himself for the day, then needed 45 minutes to eat breakfast (we hear he weighs in at a healthy 150kg). Finally, he could not even face the office without reading for an hour. Not law papers, you understand, but good, solid fiction.

Of course, being in Portugal, the lawyer in question arrives in the office just an hour before the traditional two-hour lunch break.

It surprises Tulkinghorn not at all that the middle name of this genius translates to ‘brilliant’. Green is not Tulkinghorn’s best colour, but he cannot help but doff his cap to this fine example of negotiating skills. Opposing counsel beware!