Bar Standards Board fixes three-year independence strategy

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) today (Thursday 30 November) set out its stall for the next three years, outlining a strategy designed to protect the independence of the barristers’ profession.

The regulator has identified five objectives on which to focus between 2007 and 2010, including protecting consumers, access to justice, independent regulation, promoting excellence, and promoting diversity.

To improve the BSB will undertake research into attitudes and current practices and review areas such as the code of conduct, and education and training.

BSB chair Ruth Evans said the strategy would help strengthen the bar for the future.

The BSB has also launched a new Consumer Panel, which will give advice on the needs of consumers. It will also respond to consultations and propose areas of work that the BSB should consider.

The panel is to be chaired by Dianne Hayter, who is on the board of the National Consumer Council. Other members include Andrew Greensmith, chair of family law group Resolution, Rodney Warren, director of the Criminal Litigation Solicitors Association, and James Molloy, head of AA Legal Services.