Litigation Personal Injury 28/11/95

Gibbons v Redmond – QBD 8 November 1995

Claimant: John Gibbons, 49

Accident: Builder injured at work

Injuries: Multiple injuries, most serious in region of right ankle; considerable pain and discomfort along with swelling since accident; serious fracture across tibia and compression of lower tibial articular surface so that ankle joint is disrupted; fractures likely to heal soundly but continued disability anticipated; claimant is likely to have problems walking on uneven surfaces which could affect his prospects on labour market; estimated he will run 20 per cent risk of osteoarthritis requiring late arthrodesis

Award: £150,000, (agreed damages)

Judge: Judge Fawcet

Plaintiff's solicitors: Eldritch & Co, Oxford

Defendant's solicitors: Cole & Cole, Oxford

Penrose v Nelson – QBD 1 November 1995

Claimant: Leo Penrose, 37

Accident: Builder injured at work

Injuries: Penetrating injury to left thigh with underlying arterial damage requiring emergency operative treatment; substantial continuing disability; shock, pain and suffering.

Award: £50,000 (agreed damages)

Judge: Judge Orde QC

Plaintiff's solicitors: Rowley Ashworth, Wimbledon

Defendant's solicitors: Build-ers Accident, Covent Garden

Redfern v Lawlor – QBD 1 November 1995

Claimant: Patricia Redfern, 60

Accident: Plaintiff injured in road traffic accident

Injuries: Head injury with loss of consciousness; laceration and contusion near left eye; severe contusion to front of chest with haematoma of left breast and probable fracture of right first rib; bruising of both hands; contusion to and laceration of right knee; contusion to and laceration of left knee with probable fracture of supra-condylar region of left femur and damage to infrapatellar branch of saphenous nerve; severe closed injury to right ankle and foot involving displaced comminuted fracture of os calcis; plaintiff suffered severe pain and scarring, deformity, limitation of motion and loss of confidence

Award: £137,500 (agreed damages)

Judge: Judge Butter QC

Plaintiff's solicitors: David Burcher & Co, London

Defendant's solicitors: Davies Arnold Cooper, London