Swedish govt agency funds fight on terrorism

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency has provided $75,000 (£51,500) to the International Bar Association’s (IBA) taskforce on international terrorism

The taskforce was set up during the IBA’s annual conference in Cancun in 2001 and aims to examine the legal issues central to the problem of international terrorism.
In February, the IBA, which is dedicated to funding development projects, re-ceived £700,000 from the Soros Foundation, founded by well-known financier George Soros, to finance the IBA’s rapid response missions to countries where the rule of law has come under threat.
The funds from the agency, which channels its resources through non-governmental organisations, the EU, and multilateral cooperation, will assist the taskforce in its work on the implications of terrorism on the rule of law, on global terrorism, the position of victims, and ways to balance effective security with civil liberties.