Brown envelope at airport sees Tower Snow come down to earth with a bump

Ex-Brobeck Phleger & Harrison chairman Tower Snow has been expelled from the firm following the leak of the attempted 35-partner exodus to Clifford Chance, which he led

As revealed on www., Snow was met from a flight to San Francisco by a gate agent who handed him an envelope containing the news that he had been fired.
It is understood that the current chairman Richard Odom said his behaviour was “simply unacceptable”.
It is highly unusual for a partner to be expelled – Brobeck’s partnership agreement requires 60 per cent of the voting shares to be in favour of such a move.
The move to Clifford Chance would have seen the firm open an office in San Francisco, giving it its first presence on the West Coast.
However, Clifford Chance called off the talks on 16 May, just one day before the partnership was due to vote.
There have been rumours in the market that Snow was leaving Brobeck for some time and it is widely acknowledged that he had a number of strategic differences with the current management. Snow was against the staff cuts made due to the economic slowdown, maintaining that the IT sector will pick up.