Stephensons clinches global trade mark deal

Stephenson Harwood has fought off competition from other law firms and trademark agents to win its appointment as trade mark representative for an international conglomerate.

The firm's London-based Intellectual Property Group, led by Mark Lewis, will advise Pacific Dunlop on its extensive portfolio of trade marks.

It will also handle licensing and litigation matters in relation to the conglomerate's trademarks in Europe and the Middle East.

Trade marks owned by the Group include Mates condoms and Ansell, the leading industrial and surgical rubber glove.

Tibor Gold, partner and trade mark attorney who was instrumental in obtaining the instructions, said the firm was delighted to act for a client with such an international portfolio.

“Pacific Dunlop Group already has a formidable portfolio of trade mark registrations in Europe and the Middle East, he said.

“We will be taking over responsibility for this as well as adding to it by registration of any new brand names as they arise.

“In addition there will be a considerable amount of work in advising the group businesses in the important area of how best to protect and enforce such trademark rights, if necessary using the firm's litigation department.”