Litigation Personal Injury 28/05/96

Brewer v London Electricity plc – QBD 9 May 199Claimant: Peter Brewer, 49

Incident: Electrical burns from explosion at sub-station

Injuries: Claimant, an engineer with London Electricity was redirecting 11,000 volt power cable at electricity sub-station; explosion occurred sending flames 30 feet; claimant's clothes and hands on fire but he attempted to drag colleague from sub-station; colleague died before arrival of emergency services; claimant in hospital for six weeks with severe burns over 36 per cent of his body; he has since undergone extensive skin grafting surgery and still bears physical and mental scars

Award: £325,000 (agreed damages)

Judge: Judge Wilcox

Plaintiff's solicitors: Lawford & Co

Defendant's solicitors: McGoldrick Cairns

Laughton v Ministry of Defence – QBD 9 May 199Claimant: Nigel Laughton, Incident: Air crash

Injuries: Claimant, a former army officer, was undergoing helicopter training when aircraft crashed; he suffered serious back injuries, still suffers nightmares over the incident and has suffered serious physical and psychological disability; he has also had to give up the career in the army

Award: £521,32Judge: Judge Wilcox

Plaintiff's solicitors: Leigh Day & Co

Defendant's solicitors: Treasury Solicitor

McDaid v Howletts & Port Lympne Estates – QBD 17 May 199Claimant: Matthew McDaid, 10

Incident: Arm ripped off by chimpanzee at zoo

Injuries: Claimant was just short of third birthday at time of accident; put arm through bars of cage at Port Lympne Zoo in Kent; chimpanzee seized arm and bit it and then pulled it off at elbow

Award: £132,09Judge: Mr Justice Collins

Plaintiff's solicitors: Woolsey, Morris & Kennedy

Defendant's solicitors: Jarvis & Bannister