Litigation Personal Injury 06/02/96

Cornell v Green – QBD 19 January

Claimant: Charles Cornell, 30

Accident: Road traffic accident; car passenger sued driver

Injury: Avulsion fracture of spinous process of C7; badly displaced supracondylar fracture of left humerus; grazes over lumbar spine and left thigh; lacerations of scalp; large occipital subgaleal haematoma; serious diffuse head injury; complete loss of sense of smell; gross impairment of sense of taste; personality change; increased risk of epilepsy

Award: £147,38Judge: Judge Tibber

Plaintiff's solicitors: Charles Russell

Defendant's solicitors: Budd Martin Burnett

Bloom v Farrow & anor – QBD 17 January 199Claimant: Marian Bloom, 41

Accident: Woman contracted lead poisoning regularly drinking from earthenware mug at public house

Injury: Plaintiff first noticed stomach cramps and other symptoms which got worse; she suffered an epileptic fit and was in a coma for several days; lead poisoning then diagnosed; she claims to have been left with permanent neurological damage, memory loss and loss of concentration; claims injuries have damaged prospects of becoming a legal executive

Award: £55,000 (agreed damages)

Judge: Judge Bathurst-Norman

Plaintiff's solicitors: Prettys (Ipswich)

Defendant's solicitors: Cameron Graham (London)

Hammersley v McFarlane – QBD 15 January 199Claimant: John Hammersley, 3Accident: Car passenger injured in road traffic accident

Injury: Plaintiff, who had been working as a disc jockey and vocalist with a rock band and was also employed by HMV Records, sustained very severe head injury leading to severe right limb weakness and total disturbance of speech; severe injury to left eye; he has been left with deteriorated intellectual processing, poor learning power, clumsiness in right hand and arm, slow speech and visual impairment

Award: £350,000 (agreed damages)

Judge: Judge Young

Plaintiff's solicitors: Stewarts (Taunton)

Defendant's solicitors:

Edward Lewis (London)