William Noel Arthur Horner, 54, admitted 1969, practised as Noel Horner, Truro, Cornwall, struck off. Allegations substantiated he failed to account for funds handled by him in capacity as solicitor, failed to comply with deposit interest certificate, failed to deliver agent papers and documents to Law Society in connection with his practice, failed to co-operate with Law Society, failed to comply with professional undertaking and failed to produce books of account for inspection by investigating accountant. Horner's activities said to have resulted in claims totalling more than £3.3 million against Compensation Fund. Tribunal said Horner appeared to have dealt with clients' affairs and handled clients' monies without any regard to propriety or the rules by which members of the profession were bound.

Ingrid North, solicitor's clerk with Daykin Carr (Walthamstow) until February 1994, banned from working for any further solicitors without written consent from Law Society and ordered to pay £650 costs. Allegations substantiated she had misled her firm by falsely representing to it she had merely asked for her expenses from a client and not a fee for services rendered.

Robert Hugh Vane, 30, admitted 1992, practised with Shoosmiths & Harrison, Fareham, struck off and ordered to pay £905 costs. Allegations substantiated he acted towards other solicitors in a way which was fraudulent, deceitful or otherwise contrary to his position as a solicitor and failed to reply to correspondence from the Solicitors Complaints Bureau.

Charles Andrew Mandleberg, 46, admitted 1974, practised as Andrew Mandleberg & Co, Birmingham, suspended indefinitely and ordered to pay £501 costs. Allegations substantiated he had been convicted of driving with excess alcohol in his blood and been given four months suspended prison sentence. Tribunal said it was Mandleberg's third similar conviction which could be perceived by the public as indicating deliberate law breaking which would be wholly unacceptable conduct for a solicitor.