Equitrac spreads its net wider

Alison Laferia reports

Equitrac has announced two additions to its existing network system designed to monitor use of office equipment.

Equitrac Professional Internet Client (Epic) is a Web browser designed to control Internet access and track on-line research and email use. It is targeted at a market using the Internet for business communication.

The browser allows firms to bill clients for time spent on the Internet. It can be used to monitor staff usage of the Net and to block access to undesirable sites.

The package can be interfaced with all existing legal software and can be integrated with Equitrac's cost-recovery systems.

Epic was launched in the US earlier this month. Rupert Murray, UK business manager, said the system would be available in the UK in mid-June.

The company has teamed up with Xerox Corporation to incorporate its tracking system into Xerox Document Centre Systems 20 and 35. This means firms can track and bill for documents produced from a computer terminal as well as those produced from stand-alone machines like a photocopier.

Murray said: "The Internet is going to be a powerful tool but it is important that its use is controlled and that legal firms are protected from misuse."

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