'Anti-Mears' vote triumphs in by-election

A STAUNCH critic of Martin Mears has trounced an “anti-establishment” opponent in a Law Society Council by-election.

Supporters of the campaign to oust Mears at this summer's election will take heart from Andrew Holroyd's victory in the Merseyside constituency by-election.

But Mears stressed that the election was a purely local affair and pointed out that he had not endorsed Callaghan. And one Law Society insider said the result was expected because Holroyd was such a well known figure locally.

The election, announced last Wednesday, saw Holroyd poll 512 votes to sole practitioner John Callaghan's 199.

There was an exceptionally high turnout of 49 per cent.

During the campaign Holroyd attacked Mears for offering “simplistic solutions” to the problems facing the profession while Callaghan had expressed wholehearted support for Mears.

Holroyd told The Lawyer that the result showed that Mears could be defeated at the summer elections.

“If a good candidate stands who can command widespread support, I think Mears can be beaten,” he said.

The result appears to bear out claims emanating from the anti-Mears camp at the Law Society that Mears would be vulnerable if the turnout is high.