Flying pigs in swine hunt

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and the City Disputes Panel signed a cooperative agreement recently in an effort to share resources. The first step was an evening do at the institute’s Bloomsbury Square headquarters, attended by a select group of lords, silks, arbitrators… and the odd hack.

Many an interesting factoid from the world of the arbitrator was divulged over the course of the evening – surely the only event Tulkinghorn has ever attended where a QC handed round the canapés – but the most hair-raising was the tale told by next year’s institute president Hew Dundas.

Picture the scene: Dundas was on an internal flight in China; the elderly and diminutive plane was in taxiing mode when it paused to allow a pair of latecomers on board. The duo had some interesting hand luggage – five pigs.

One terrified animal promptly escaped and began racing up and down the aisle until Dundas, with some help, brought home the bacon with a rugby tackle and held on to it so that the pilot could take off without distraction.

An act of courage that goes way beyond the call of an arbitrator’s duty, Tulkinghorn believes.