It's been a good week for…

Diane Maddox and Clair Ward-Jackson, who became the UK's first legally married "lesbians" after transsexual Maddox produced a birth certificate proving she had been born male. Although same-sex marriages are not legal, this union is allowed because a person's gender is determined by their birth certificate.

The "Pinochet defence" one. In Austria, the trial of former Nazi doctor Heinrich Gross was stopped pending further psychiatric tests. Gross is accused of experimenting on the brains of child patients and murdering at least nine of them.

The "Pinochet defence" two. Billy Ace, a Swansea postman had charges against him dropped after he was found to have a heart problem. Ace had been accused of kicking a Yorkshire Terrier across a patio.

The US tobacco industry. The US supreme court ruled against further government restrictions on cigarette advertising and production. The court upheld an appeal court ruling that the food and drug administration (FDA) overstepped its authority in expanding its reach to tobacco. The battle over regulation now moves to the Republican-controlled Congress which could still give the FDA power to regulate cigarettes.

Linklaters, which saw its client finally float on the Stock Exchange. It is not known whether the firm took shares in the hi-tech bucket shop as part payment, but after an initial surge the share price of the media's favourite start-up fell dramatically below the IPO level.