Golf gulf

The Lawyer’s team in its own inaugural golf cup, the Saunderson House Legal Cup, finished in a highly deserved last place. Perhaps it was because the team paid too much attention to the instructions of trick shot professional golfer Jeremy Dale who impressed by playing the game how it ought to be played – sitting down. Tulkinghorn’s scribes claim that they were obliged to lose – it would have been wholly ungracious to win a tournament that The Lawyer sponsored. That’s their line and they’re sticking to it.

Tulkinghorn has absolutely no idea who actually won the competition – his scribes were too busy battling it out for the wooden spoon to pay attention to the top of the leaderboard. Well, to be fair, ‘battling’ is a little strong. The Lawyer’s team was so far adrift from the great and the good of the golfing legal fraternity to render any competition for last place meaningless.

Next year, Tulkinghorn himself will be putting up a prize for the worst golf on show. And we know who’ll be the favourite to win it.