Enhanced by Clifford Chance

No love appears to be lost between Allen & Overy’s (A&O) and Clifford Chance’s Spanish practices after the two firms were seen to be bickering like an old married couple last week after Clifford Chance put the moves on A&O senior associate Javier García de Enterría.

It’s never fun to lose a lawyer to a sworn enemy, but the ruckus was made all the worse by a dispute over the way in which Clifford Chance announced the defection.

Unfortunately, it appears that Clifford Chance failed to check just who it was hiring before sending out a release about the firm’s blossoming relationship with De Enterría. In a statement, the firm called him the former head of the public law and regulated sectors at A&O and said he had experience in communications, media and telecoms (CMT) and venture capital funds.

However, A&O was quick to point out that he was actually the deputy head, that he was a senior associate at the firm and had little experience in CMT and venture capital funds.

Despite the discrepancies, Clifford Chance is, of course, standing by its man, stating that it sounded like “sour grapes” on A&O’s behalf.
Clifford Chance claims that the firm thought De Enterría was the head of the public law and regulated sectors when they hired him, but that it “did not really care” whether he was actually the deputy or not, as it was pleased to have him on board.

When did titles ever matter to lawyers anyway?