Thank heaven for little secretaries

Seminars, brochures, those website thingies… In Tulkinghorn's day, 'marketing' meant a day at the races followed by a bottle of whisky; but apparently this new stuff is what clients like these days. Not so law firms. When they are being marketed to, a new theory goes, they want nothing more than to be shown pictures of babies. Or at least that's what Legal Linx, provider of temporary legal secretaries, would have us believe.

They may, of course, be a bunch of barking old biddies with nothing better to do. But Legal Linx is confident that its new brochure, which introduces each recruitment consultant with a picture of themselves as a baby, is a winner. Judge for yourselves.

And if any readers would like to send Tulkinghorn a picture of themselves as a baby (the more high profile you are the better) then your submissions will be more than welcome. (“What did most tax lawyers look like as infants?” Tulkinghorn wonders.)

The cutest baby lawyer will be rewarded with publication of their photo on this very page. Go on. Your mummies will be so proud.