I wanna work for common people

Lawyers at Ashurst Morris Crisp have the satisfaction of beating rivals at Allen & Overy to win Morrisons' bid for Safeway; but did they realise when they auditioned for the role that they would have to work with such common people?

For the firm whose recruitment mantra is rumoured to be 'You don't have to be posh and thick to work here, but it helps' rubbing shoulders with Bradford market-stall holder Ken Morrison must be an ordeal. Ken might be Sir Ken now, but he still takes his young kids to the Morrisons in-store café on Saturdays for egg and chips.

Sir Ken is conclusive evidence that you can take the boy out of Bradford, but not Bra-dford out of the boy. Ash-ursts, meanwhile, are proof that you can take the boy out of a minor public school, but you can't… ah, you know the rest. Certainly there can be few Ashursts partners who have tasted the joys of Morrisons' sausages and spaghetti in a value jumbo can. Tulkinghorn just hopes that Sir Ken doesn't invite them up North for a site visit.