CPS News takes blind alley

Tulkinghorn's counterpart on Lawyer 2B, the Snail, has lately been enjoying a good chuckle over his favourite read, the snappily titled Crown Prosecution Service News (CPS News).

In the latest issue of Lawyer 2B, in stores from today, the Snail commended CPS News for its outstanding sensitivity during a recent interview with a CPS employee.

As part of an in-depth feature into visually-impaired people, the CPS News picked Shirley Grizedale, a blind typist in the CPS Cumbria office, to answer a series of lighthearted questions in its long-running Q&A slot.

The question that really caught the Snail's attention came towards the end of the list: “What can you see from your window?”, to which Ms Grizedale stoutly replied: “Nothing – I'm blind. However, I'm told there is a very nice view of the Cathedral and its grounds.”