Revenue appoints CPS man as head of asset forfeiture

The Revenue & Customs Prosecutions Office (RCPO) has recruited its first head of asset forfeiture as it increases its efforts in fighting serious organised crime.

Souymya Majumdar joins the RCPO from the Criminal Prosecution Service where he had significant involvement with the 2002 Proceeds of Crime Act.

Majumdar takes control of the 28-strong Asset Forfeiture Unit, which is dedicated to freezing and confiscating assets used to fund organised crime. He will report to RCPO director David Green QC.

“We’re looking to deprive criminals of their ill-gotten gains,” Majumdar said. “If you take the cash out of crime you’re preventing the commission of further crime.”

The appointment comes as the RCPO prepares to celebrate its first birthday in April and ahead of the establishment of the new Serious Organised Crime Agency, also in April.

Majumdar said the unit will target drug trafficking and money laundering among other issues and that it will involve work with similar authorities overseas. It will also handle domestic cases.