Chasing the wagon

Tulkinghorn had to blink himself awake this week when contacted by a hypnosis group interested in plying their wares to lawyers. But the words ‘cocaine’ and ‘cannabis’ certainly helped focus the mind.

It seems this particular group, persuasively titled Hypnosis Works, has been seeing ever-increasing numbers of City lawyers turning to hypnotherapy for cocaine addiction.

Class A drugs? Highly paid City lawyers? Surely not! But as the company’s fob-watch swinger explained: “Some part of the mind finds satisfaction from the habit. Through hypnotherapy we train the mind to get that satisfaction from something else.”

Something else like… closing another M&A deal, perhaps? Maybe it’s not the done thing to turn up one’s nose and snort derisively at the mere thought of hypnosis after all. Clifford Chance associate who ‘accidentally’ crashed into one of Tulkinghorn’s scribes at a recent evening do, then profusely apologised with the thinly veiled anticipation of making an appearance here. Sorry, but you’re going to have to do better than that.