Nabarros angry at Olswang IP raids

Nabarro Nathanson has responded angrily to the latest in a series of raids by Olswang on its intellectual property department, by calling on its rival to nurture its own talent.

Assistant solicitor Jane Bunch – who is six months qualified – is the eighth lawyer to defect from Nabarros IP department to Olswang in just over a year.

The exodus began when Nabarros partner and head of IP, Andrew Inglis, jumped ship with senior assistant Paul Stevens, in February last year.

Inglis was one of a number of Nabarros' heads of department to leave after the firm's restructuring and strategy change, known as Nabarros 2000.

Commenting on Bunch's defection, which was trumpeted in an Olswang announcement proclaiming she was the eighth departure, Nabarros head of PR Chris Hinze said: 'It would be nice if Olswang started to grow their own talent.'

Hinze pointed out that Bunch and several of the other lawyers already at Olswang were at a junior level.

Hinze said that the IP and IT department 'remains a core part of our legal services'.

'We have replaced any skills we may have lost with some high calibre people.'

He added that Nabarros had just appointed two partners – Paul Golding and Sara Ellacott – to the department, bringing the total number of fee earners to four partners and 11 fee earners.

Olswang's Inglis said: 'Increasingly, we are contributing to, and working across, the whole Olswang client base… We expect to add further to our team in the immediate future.'

He said Bunch and the other Nabarros staff who had joined Olswang had all approached the firm asking for a move.