Cartwrights has new PET project

Bristol firm Cartwrights has formed a spin-off company, Practical Employment Training, to train personnel managers in employment law.

The firm has also recruited two employment lawyers – Glynis John, a senior solicitor from Eversheds, and Peter Woodhouse, a solicitor-advocate from Hepherd Winstanley & Pugh in Southampton.

John and Woodhouse, to-gether with head of employment Geoffrey Jones and two other employment solicitors, will contribute up to 10 per cent of their time as lecturers for the new company.

Two external consultants, Will Jackson – a former personnel director at Safeways – and Ian Jacombs, an expert in industrial relations, will join Cartwrights in the new venture.

Tony Firth, head of marketing at the firm, said a training course was already in the process of being arranged for member companies of the Freight Transport Association and courses had been organised for two brewery clients.