BT real estate legal chief switches role

The head of BT’s real estate legal team Geoffrey Beedham, who took up his role just last year, is moving to a new role in the telecoms giant.

Beedham, a BT veteran of 20 years, took over as head of the real estate team in April 2010 from Ian Jones, who had been in the post for more than 10 years.
Beedham is moving on 10 October to become head of commercial contracts for BT Health, an expanding division of the public sector side of the telecoms company’s business.

James Ratcliffe, chief counsel of BT’s Innovate and Design division, who also has responsibility for real estate, confirmed ­Beedham’s departure. He added that his successor was likely to be tasked with ­overseeing an imminent real estate panel review.

“We’re in discussions with the real estate panel firms over extending the panel arrangements,” confirmed Ratcliffe.

BT has the largest private property portfolio in the UK with around 6,500 properties. It also has some 1,000 outside the UK, ­making it one of the largest portfolios in the world.

The company’s real estate legal team is responsible for providing global legal ­support for all of BT’s ­property needs.

The in-house team ­features four lawyers in total alongside a mix of full-time and seconded staff.