Litigation Writs 27/09/94

Antony Shrimplin, who was badly hurt when he threw himself under a tube train in 1989, has launched a High Court claim against East London and the City Health Authority claiming they failed to take adequate care of him. Shrimplin, of London W1, alleges his injuries were the result of negligence in his treatment as an in-patient at the Royal London Hospital. He claims it failed to supervise him adequately, to take proper care of him and to prevent him leaving the hospital and harming himself. Writ issued by Wegg-Prosser & Farmer, London W2. S 1679

Londoner Colin Caird, 34, who was blinded in one eye during a partridge shoot, is suing for compensation. The writ says he was beating in line with James MacKenzie when MacKenzie tried to shoot a low flying partridge, but instead shot Caird. Caird has lost all the sight in his left eye. He accuses MacKenzie of negligence, among other things, for failing to keep a proper look out, and trying to shoot a bird flying at a low level and towards Mr Caird. Writ issued by Raybould & Co of London NW3. C1802

The Commissioners of Customs and Excise are suing Cyprus woman Irene Papaionnou over alleged illegal importation of 80kg of ivory into the UK. The writ claims that in September 1992 she exported from Zaire and imported into the UK a crate containing 80kg of ivory, made up of two full tusks, two small carved tusks, four small uncarved tusks, and 59 carved articles, in contravention of an EC ban. Writ issued by DEJ Nissen, London SE1. C 1747

Zdzislaw Klosek, who killed his wife and almost stabbed his stepson to death, is being sued for damages by his stepson Anthony Pollock, 53, who suffered serious brain injuries and a change of personality as a result of what happened. According to the writ, Klosek, who is now serving a life sentence for manslaughter and attempted murder, attacked Mrs Klosek. and stabbed Pollock several times. Pollock claims his stepfather was actuated by malevolence and spite towards him in stabbing him without provocation, and is claiming exemplary damages on the grounds that Klosek committed the assaults to gain the whole of the equity in the matrimonial home by depriving Pollock of his rightful inheritance. Writ issued by Kingsford Stacey, London WC2, agents for Harris and Cartwright, Slough. P 1050