Judge slated for dragging heels on BSkyB ruling

The ruling is one of the longest awaited in recent history. The case, which has so far cost more than £70m in legal fees, went to trial more than two years ago, with the hearing finishing at the end of July 2008.

A source close to the case blasted Ramsey J for not making his judgment.

“Maybe it’s because it’s such an important case, but it’s still a year whichever way you look at it,” said the source. “Ramsey’s sitting on other cases in the Technology and Construction Court – it’s up to him and his clerk to manage his caseload so judgments can be written.”

According to the source Ramsey J’s office has “repeatedly” told counsel the judgment was imminent, most recently in early ­September, but the ruling is still “nowhere to be seen”.

The case relates to a customer management system EDS installed in 2000. The system was meant to cost £48m, but installation took six years and cost £265m.

BSkyB alleges deceit, ­negligent misrepresentation and breach of contract.