It has been a bad week for

Former judge Kenneth Bagnall, who this week found himself charged with the theft of £375,000 from New Law Publishing, a publisher of legal reports.

The Lord Advocate, Lord Hardie, who has been accused of choosing a "token woman" as the fourth and final member of the team chosen to prosecute the Lockerbie suspects. According to The Scotsman, Morag Armstrong "has been selected, despite the fact that she left the Bar more than a year ago to work for the Royal Bank of Scotland".

Lord Falconer, the Minister Without Portfolio, who found himself at the centre of a cronyism row last week after it was revealed that his best friend, Tony Blair, had nominated him for a place on 14 cabinet committees.

This Friday, 300 leading lawyers will descend on Monte Carlo for a weekend of networking, information sharing and lectures. The Lawyer's Legal Monte Carlo '98 conference is designed to give private practitioners the chance to meet new clients and vice versa.