Life imitating art

The real and virtual worlds collided at Field Fisher Waterhouse (FFW) this month after the firm held a simultaneous art exhibition in its offices in London and in online world Second Life (

The firm exhibited digital and real-life versions of mosaics made by Nepalese children, all victims of child trafficking rescued by the Esther Benjamins Trust.

It is not clear whether the pictures on the website are from the real or virtual exhibition. They show a group of people standing around in an empty room, looking a little uncomfortable and not talking to each other.

FFW is helping the trust build up an office in Second Life to promote its good work. Could be a decent niche for the firm in that.

Perkins’ perks

So you’ve got the executive committee, the management committee, the remuneration committee, but no happiness committee? That might change soon. The New York Times ( reported on Seattle-based firm Perkins Coie, the proud inventor of the happiness committee, which manages to trump everyone on law firm perks.

According to the article, the firm’s happiness committee goes around leaving things such as toffee apples and milkshakes on people’s desks to make them feel happier. One member said of the happiness committee: “That’s the whole beauty of it all – its random acts of kindness.”

Red heads

Oh to have been a web designer specialising in law firms: he could have been a millionaire by now. This time it’s is the turn of Hewitsons to revamp its site (, getting itself a nice new logo in the process.

It’s a white ‘H’ on a red background. The press release says: “The choice of colour at the heart of Hewitsons’ new identity is linked to scientific research, which revealed red is associated with winners.”

Expect the partners to start wearing Manchester United shirts to client meetings.

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