White & Case gives aid to Brighton & Hove memorial

White & Case is providing pro bono advice to the Robert Eaton Memorial Fund, which was set up in memory of Robert Eaton, a Brighton & Hove fan. Eaton was an employee at financial services conglomerate Cantor Fitzgerald and was killed in the 11 September attacks on the World Trade Center. The memorial intends to raise money for football academies for underpriveleged children.
The memorial's first fundraising event was a football match between Brighton & Hove and Crystal Palace supporters earlier this month; however, at the time it was not a registered charity.
Tony Kybett, who co-founded the memorial with fellow Brighton & Hove supporter Gareth Glover, said: “The BBC did a five-minute report about the match on the breakfast programme. At 9.30 that morning, the director of registration at the Charities Commission rang us to ask what we were going to do with all the money, and told us not to raise any more until we were registered.”
White & Case won the instruction through the London-based Solicitors Pro Bono Group (SPBG). SPBG director Sue Bucknall lives in Brighton. She heard on local radio that the memorial was in trouble with the Charities Commission and contacted Kybett to offer legal help.
She referred the work to White & Case pro bono officer Felicity Kirk. London head of banking Maurice Allen, a Brighton & Hove fan, is the lead partner on the project. The firm is registering the memorial as a charity and incorporating it as a limited company by guarantee.
White & Case is also helping the memorial to business network, as well as providing free legal advice.