Gay & O

Kylie’s 40! Hurrah! God bless the diminutive princess of pop!

(That’s Kylie Minogue, the Australian soap star turned pop star, for those who are wondering).

A&O’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) network, “A&Out”, honoured the singer on her 40th birthday this week with 250 lawyers and clients partying to a pianist playing her hits.

The party-goers crammed into the magic circle firm’s 10th floor client dining rooms, which command magnificent views across the City, to sip cocktails, network and let their hair down.

A&Out received a lot of comments from attendees that the “talent” was to their liking. And news must travel fast, because the firm had to turn people away eager to enhance their client development skills.

However, according to chair Ashley Young, women are underrepresented in the network and need to be engaged with more.

And just as in other firms’ LGBT networks, they are not the only group that lack a presence. The network has yet to reach out to those stationed out in some of the firm’s more far-flung outposts, where their very sexuality or gender identity could lead them to be at odds with the law. See story