Chef and dumb

Maybe something was lost in the translation, but an invitation to the opening of Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy’s new London offices at 10 Gresham Street was somewhat devalued when it got the name of its star chef wrong.

The delightful pictures of the grub were accompanied by the legend: “Enjoy an evening with foods from around the world produced by Tim Aiken.”

Except, as one of Tulkinghorn’s scribes immediately pointed out: “They mean Tom Aikens.”

Unfortunately for Milbank, one of said scribe’s best chums had been at college with the genuine superstar chef, thus explaining her amusement at the faux pas.

Unless, of course, they actually did mean Timothy J Aiken of Aiken & Scoptur in Milwaukee, where name partner Aiken is a civil trial lawyer representing plaintiffs in alcoholic beverages, food and agricultural products cases.

Does Milbank know something Tulkinghorn doesn’t?