Gaymer wins senior partner position

Simmons & Simmons has appointed head of employment Janet Gaymer to succeed Bill Knight as the firm’s senior partner.

Gaymer emerged as the firm’s most popular candidate in the first ballot, after being opposed by head of corporate finance Stuart Evans and senior commercial partner Edwin Godfrey.

She becomes the only female senior partner at a top 20 firm.

Gaymer says that when she takes over the role in September, her priorities will be European integration and addressing lifestyle issues within the firm.

Gaymer will carry on her ambassadorial role for the employment practice, in which William Dawson has already been appointed head.

Gaymer says: “I’ll maintain my academic interest in employment law, and though I won’t be able to undertake the amount of work I had, I think it will be good to still do some.”

At the same time as appointing Gaymer, the firm voted to overhaul its global management structure and to introduce the representation of overseas offices (The Lawyer, 29 January).