Web week 26/06/06

The Lawyer

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Cheyne reaction

After www.thelawyer.com broke the news of David Cheyne’s election as senior partner of Linklaters shortly after noon last Tuesday, the web went into overdrive profiling his exploits for Vodafone, BHP Billiton and the rest, but check out www.davidcheyne. com for a laugh. Cheyne writes: “I have temporarily disabled this site so my subscribers do not get distracted from the  major release of this revolutionary Listbuilding Software.” Which is all well and good. Cheyne’s site is billed on google as “David Cheyne – David Cheyne Master Marketer. David Cheyne shows multiple ways to earn money on or offline.” Admittedly,
this could be a case of mistaken identity.

The Times’ law blog, http://timesonline.typepad.com/law_weblog/ , gave its reaction to Cheyne’s appointment.

“The best double acts are based on teamwork between contrasting personalities: Eric and Ernie, Butch and Sundance, maybe even Rooney and Owen (if only). But Anthony Cann and Tony Angel – as senior and managing partners respectively at Linklaters – have been the embodiment of that principle at its most eloquent… So it will be interesting to see how the new relationship works out between Angel and David Cheyne, whose election as senior partner was announced today… Anyway, Angel and Cheyne will have about eight months to work together before the longstanding managing partner has to decide whether or not he wants to continue in harness with his new colleague. The word at Linklaters is that, Blair-like, he has not yet made up his mind when he will depart.”

Moments later www.the lawyer.com managed a real scoop with the very first interview with Cheyne at 1.37pm. Cheyne vowed to push ahead with the current strategy, but warned against complacency after Linklaters’ record year. Check page four of this week’s issue for the full interview.

Pro bono no-no

Evan Schaeffer’s www.legal underground.com got excited about mandatory pro bono reporting: “The new rule doesn’t require lawyers to do much. Pro bono efforts must be reported as part of the annual licence-renewal procedure, but there’s no required minimum or target. The reported information will remain confidential. So what’s the point? The Illinois Supreme Court hopes that the new reporting requirement will serve as a reminder that pro bono work is important.”

This caused Myshingle.com, a personal favourite who claims to be inspiring solo and small firm lawyers, to have a good old rant. “Mandatory pro bono reporting forces me to participate in this massive PR sham, it takes the pro bono hours that I report and uses them to make the bar look good, when frankly, when it comes to providing the poor with access to law, we still have a long, long way to go.”

A break from the norm

Possibly the best news in the blogosphere this week is that the Wired GC is back, on www.wiredgc.com. And he has some great advice on that most lawyerly of holidays – the sabbatical.

“Time for a Radical Sabbatical? I’m slowly emerging from six weeks of infrequent posting and even less frequent working. This is what Wikipedia says about
sabbaticals. Note that these typically year-long work outs ‘are often taken by professors, cartoonists like Gary Larson and Bill Watterson, and musicians like Bobby McFerrin’. No mention of lawyers. I missed the so-called gap year between undergrad and law school. This was perhaps closer to the more obscure hiatus. Anyhow, I heartily recommend it.”