On the slide

What do you get if you mix that most enigmatic and intangible of concepts – law firm branding – with a leading international sportsman? Motivational presentations to lawyers, obviously.

A newly launched management consultancy, called Titman Deavall Consulting, has come up with a handy spin to help flog its seminars on what it calls “themed branding”, (which apparently means that it’s all “joined up”. You know, like the Government).

The fertile mind of legal market veteran Angela Deavall has come up with the idea of roping in Olympic athlete Mark Hatton, a man its press release refers to as “Britain’s greatest Olympic luge racer”. And quite possibly Britain’s only Olympic luge racer.

Be warned, however, if the PR blurb, which trumpets, “You will even get the chance to try out the luge sled for yourself!” sells you on the idea of going to one of these presentations. By “try out”, what it really means is “sit in”.

Not quite the same thing at all. But then, why let the facts get in the way of a good “theme”?pride in your reputation.”