Frenchman does a runner; Bonelli supports Spain

Tulkinghorn was at The Lawyer Awards last night, along with 1,500 of the best and brightest of the legal profession who quite rightly made the choice to sacrifice the opportunity to watch Spain take on France in favour of non-stop comedy from host Rory Bremner and boogying the night away until the sun came up.

Among the guests at Grosvenor House was Frenchman Nicholas De Loux, representing ChildHope, one of the two charities benefiting from last nights event.

You could forgive De Loux for ducking out during the awards presentations to run down to a local and catch the second half as France ran away with victory. What cannot be forgiven though, is that he didn’t take Tulkinghorn with him.

It’s generally agreed that law firms like to be busy. But not during the World Cup. Pity the good people at Bonelli Erede Pappalardo’s London office. With deals coming out of their ears this summer, they have been unable to watch Italy’s progress to the quarter finals.

All the conference rooms have been booked up for three weeks solid, meaning access to TVs has been severely restricted.

Mirroring the Azurri’s good fortune against Australia, a window of time opened in the meeting room schedule on Monday afternoon to allow London managing partner Riccardo Sallustio and his team to watch Totti’s well-struck penalty break Australian hearts.

Meanwhile, the Milan partners downed tools to watch the match. Finance partner Andrea Novarese was at the offices of Autostrade, who Bonelli is advising on its €25bn merger with Spanish company Abertis Infraestructuras.

He told Tulkinghorn that all the lawyers, bankers and clients for both sides of the deal stopped work to cram into the main conference hall.

He expects same will happen today for the Spain match. “We’re reciprocating,” says Novarese, “we forced them to watch Italy, so now we’ll watch Spain play with them.” Oh dear.