England’s exploits bring out the hooligan in Mayer Brown

After England’s, ahem, heroic exploits at the weekend, the nation’s lawyers are returning home to pop in on The Lawyer Awards tonight before heading back out for the Portugal game on Saturday.

Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw head of securitisation Dominic Griffiths nearly failed to get into the England game. On the eve of the match Griffiths decided to invest in a brand new pair of shiny white Reebok trainers.

Upon entry, the glowing white running shoes, England shirt and Griffiths’ closely shorn head caught the attention of the police on the gate, who looked him up and down and presumed they had spotted a hooligan.

He was taken to one side and the police interrogated him, inquiring whether he had a ticket. His clients giggled nervously before Griffiths was waved through. It was quite a shock for the genteel Griffiths, who together with his managing partner Paul Maher had gone to the trouble of buying England shirts with their clients names on their backs.

Another lawyer, who could have appeared hooliganesque was Hogan & Hartson’s London managing partner Garry Pegg, who broke his hip on the eve of the tournament and struggled on to Germany on crutches. How did he do it? Roller-blading in Hyde Park of course.

His kids, bless ‘em, felt Daddy should support England in style and pasted England stickers all the way up and down his crutches. Their devotion didn’t convince Pegg to drag them along. He was happy going with his lawyer mates.

Tulkinghorn’s tales of Aussies on the lash will probably end now the Socceroos’ adventure is over. But the Italians go marching on and there’s one Italian partner who’s feeling particularly pleased.

As Tulkinghorn previously reported (June 19), Orrick’s Milanese partner Alessandro De Nicola had a bet with his New York-based partner Peter Bicks over the result of the Italy-US game.

The ill-tempered draw meant that nobody won but Bicks had already selected the wine and the pastrami is being sliced now. De Nicola is sending a case of Chianti in the opposite direction.

Despite the US team returning home, literally licking their (Italian-inflicted) wounds, Bicks is throwing in a New York cheesecake for good measure. He’s either extremely magnanimous or perhaps just a little bit scared of his Italian colleague.