It's been a good week for

Eagle-eyed police. The prosecutor in the case of obsessive collector of bird's eggs, Keith Hartburn, paid tribute to the boys in blue's razor sharp investigative skills that had led to Hartburn's arrest. Mark Styles, a member of the prosecution, said:"He was caught as the result of dedicated police work which resulted in him being recognised on a photograph which he had taken at a golden eagle nest site."

Prince "old enough to buy a pint"William. He now owns copyright on the photographs (not the one above) by The Daily Telegraph's royal photographer Ian Jones, taken to mark his 18th birthday.

Therapists, who could see a growth in business after an appeal court judge said that vast amounts of public money was being wasted on court battles between warring parents that could be better helped by therapy. Lord Justice Thorpe said:"I would question whether the investment of public funds in litigation as the conventional mode of resolving disputes is comparatively productive. In many cases the same investment in therapeutic services might produce greater benefits."