Litigation Writs 07/02/95

A woman who became pregnant after her partner had a vasectomy operation is suing for damages. Moira Carson, of Purley, Surrey, and Robert Stevens, have issued a writ against Richard Harris-Jones, of Cassidy Road Medical Centre, Cassidy Road, London SW6. They say that in November 1989 Harris-Jones performed a vasectomy on Mr Stevens, but Ms Carson later became pregnant by Mr Stevens. The writ accuses Harris-Jones of negligence in the operation at the Claremont House Private Clinic.

Writ issued by Boyes Turner & Burrows, Staines. C1733

Building contractors Irvine-Whitlock are suing former employee John Wilson for repayment of over u16,000 wages he allegedly paid to "dead men". Wilson, of Stevenage, a bricklayer and foreman at the company's site at Heathrow airport, was responsible for supervising night work and recording men's hours, according to the writ. It says he presented time sheets for the period 23 July to 16 October for two alleged workers and was paid cheques totalling u16,221 for their wages. However, it says that although the cheques were cashed, company enquiries failed to trace any indication of the men working under Wilson's supervision. They were "dead men", the writ claims. It alleges the cheques were paid into bank accounts opened in their names by Wilson, using forged identity cards.

Writ issued by Edward Lewis, London WC1. I2052

Two Sittingbourne paint sprayers who claim they suffered breathing problems after being exposed to paint fumes at work are suing their former employers, Swale Motors. Ronald Cleaver and Dean Christopher, claim they were exposed to paint and other products containing hazardous substances.

Writs issued by the Jarman Partnership, Sittingbourne. C72 and C71

Tory MP Rupert Allason has launched a claim for libel damages over a story in the newspaper Today. Allason is suing Joe Haines and editor Richard Stott over an article on 19 January this year, headed 'The Right Response'. He is also claiming damages for an alleged breach of an undertaking given in the High Court on 16 November 1992, as well as an injunction preventing the further publication of the words of which he complains.

Writ issued by Allason in person. A152