Jersey's Bailhache takes AIM

Jersey firm Bailhache Labesse has chosen the AIM practice management system.

The fact that Bailhache would not be the only AIM Professional user in Jersey played a big part in the firm choosing the supplier.

Practice director Edmund Bendelow says it is very important that AIM is used in other island firms so the firm will not be on its own when looking for support. Experience in the past with suppliers not being accessible has caused difficulties, he says.

The AIM Evolution practice management system had to work with the recently installed Novell network giving each fee earner a PC with Windows 3.1. The firm has 20 fee earners in two offices in St Helier.

"The main advantage of the new system is that it is a stable platform, which is well proven," says Bendelow.

"Our requirement was for a fully distributed accounts and information system available at each fee earner's desk," he says. In particular the ability to search for conflicts was an essential feature. With many banks operating on the island and a limited number of bigger firms, conflicts are a constant issue Bendelow says. The AIM installation involves an outlay of around u35,000 for the software, installation and training.

Jersey-based IT consultant Matthew Richardson helped in the selection of the system, especially in regard to the inter-operability with the existing network.