Having a bash

Legal system bashing is as much in season as ever. The recent BBC Law in Action national opinion survey found the justice industry with little public standing. As Bar Council Chairman Peter Goldsmith QC put it last week, in the demonology lawyers are ranked low in public esteem along with politicians and journalists.

Perhaps we have to accept this is the general public's perception. So when lawyers start bashing other lawyers in the way David McIntosh of City firm Davies Arnold Cooper has at the recent Lord Woolf seminar, we should take more notice.

Sadly, this was very much on the lines of DAC's reaction to the Benzo case collapse and the subsequent Legal Aid Board report on multi-party actions. McIntosh's Mackayesque views that legal aid lawyers being judge and jury about costs labour under the 'legal aid blank cheque' illusion. But then this is good defendant lawyers knockabout stuff, if not much else.