Employment group opens up to NI and Scots lawyers

THE Employment Lawyers Association (ELA) has extended its boundaries to include membership from people working in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Established two years ago ELA already includes more than 550 members in England and Wales and founding chair Janet Gaymer says it is hoped the rule change will bring in

additional membership applications.

Gaymer, who handed over leadership of the association to Baker & McKenzie's Fraser Younson in April, says the decision to include other countries came in response to “consumer demand”.

“We had enquiries from Scottish employment lawyers asking whether the association took members,” she says. “We thought that perhaps we had grown sufficiently old and we had consolidated our position, and we thought that the time was right.”

Since its inception in January 1993 the group has become increasingly active as a lobby


Much of its recent work has involved responding to the Government's Green Paper on industrial tribunals.

“We like to speak on behalf of employment lawyers to those who are introducing and consulting about legislation and developments which affect employment lawyers,” says Gaymer.