Australian judge trains Scots 'devils'

AUSTRALIAN judge Mr Justice Hampel QC headed a training event for would-be members of the Scottish Bar at Edinburgh's Faculty of Advocates.

Hampel, a judge in the Victoria Supreme Court, instructed the faculty's pupil advocates – known as “devils” – in skills including examination in chief, cross examination and speeches to judge and jury.

Training sessions were also held by Hampel's wife, Victoria State Bar lawyer Felicity Hampel, and Julian Burnside QC. Demonstrations were filmed and the performances reviewed by participants.

Faculty dean Andrew Hardie QC says the faculty has been concentrating on developing its training facilities in recent years and the inclusion of foreign teachers is part of the programme.

Hardie says 17 advocates are already participating in the faculty's expanding in-house development programme and short courses will also be run for newly-trained teachers.

“Mr Justice Hampel is the founder of the Australian Advocacy Institute and I am grateful that he and his team are sharing their teaching expertise with us,” says Hardie.

“In addition to the benefits which our devils will derive, those members of faculty who have qualified recently as trainers will be able to develop further their teaching skills.”