A brief mis-spell

We all make mistakes, so Brownie points to Taylor Wessing for fessing up to a howler last week, which was buried in the recesses of a press release trumpeting Mike Frawley’s impending elevation to managing partner.

The info about the new Kiwi boss was all fine, it was the ‘Notes to Editors’ section where things began to go awry. For some reason, the firm appeared to have forgotten how to spell – and not just any old words, but its own former name.

Was this NewSpeak? Revisionist history? A German attempt to distance itself from the former blue-chip UK pedigree, perhaps?

A Taylor Wessing insider gamely admitted the mistake, and appeared to suggest there might be a grain of truth in the allegations. “We’re definitely Taylor Wessing now; we’ve moved on; we can’t even remember how to spell the old name.” Tulkinghorn wonders if the same can be said of former managing partners. Altogether now, it’s G-A-R-Y, M-O-S-S.